When pursuing an integrated technology platform, is it better for talent acquisition leaders to purchase an all-in-one solution (e.g., Workday, Oracle, SuccessFactors), or pick and choose the best features from a variety of platforms?

There’s no easy answer, but in his latest video, Cielo technology leader Adam Godson shares elements companies should consider when making the decision.

  1. Data interconnectedness: Many platforms are sold on the promise of collecting data from many areas – recruiting, learning, performance, etc. – all in one place. But many companies don’t have the infrastructure in place to use the data. So make sure your company has what it needs to make this data accessible and actionable.
  2. Business process flows: The success of a new technology within your company is going to depend greatly on how data can get from one part of the business to the other. So think backward and consider what it is you want this platform to execute, and design for that first.
  3. Essential features: Ask yourself, “What are the features I need to get my work done?” Particularly in recruiting, it’s common to choose a platform only to find out that it doesn’t have certain critical features. The team then ends up piling on a bunch of point solutions to get those features, eroding much of the cost savings the company was hoping for.

By doing some research and asking some hard question about your goals, you’ll go a long way toward finding the best talent acquisition technology for your company.

A little bit about Adam: Since joining Cielo in 2011, he has been blazing trails in recruitment technology. Among his accomplishments are having developed and implemented the RPO industry’s first globally deployed Candidate Recruitment Marketing (CRM) platform and introducing such innovations as automated screening and assessment tools, robotic process automation support, virtual career fairs, and platforms for analytics and talent intelligence.