This year’s seasonal hiring is expected to be among the most competitive we’ve ever seen. How you recruited seasonal workers last year isn’t necessarily going to work this year, with candidates’ expectations having changed along with overall economic conditions.

Cielo technology leader Adam Godson’s latest video highlights three ways your organization can get creative and win at hourly hiring. They include:

  1. Find out the “why”: Talk to last year’s employees to find out what attracted them most to working for you. When one of our clients did this, they found out that the employee discount they offered was the No. 1 reason candidates chose to work for them – above even pay or promise of a full-time job. Once they started emphasizing this in their marketing, the applications rolled in.

  2. Master social media: Platforms like Facebook Jobs are generating huge traffic that can benefit organizations looking at high-volume hiring.

  3. Organize on-site hiring events: Instead of driving people to an “apply” page and hoping for the best, organize events that bring in prequalified people to let them see the space and meet the people they will be working with. You can even offer them jobs on the spot.

Seasonal employees will have plenty of options this year, so follow these tips to make sure they choose yours.

A little bit about Adam: Since joining Cielo in 2011, he has been blazing trails in recruitment technology. Among his accomplishments are having developed and implemented the RPO industry’s first globally deployed Candidate Recruitment Marketing (CRM) platform and introducing such innovations as automated screening and assessment tools, robotic process automation support, virtual career fairs, and platforms for analytics and talent intelligence.