We understand the importance of hiring the person, not the function.

All over the globe, the Life Sciences industry is in an upswing. While that is great for business, it does create new challenges for Talent Acquisition teams. Keeping up with the constant stream of mergers and acquisitions, organizational restructuring, ever-changing regulations, and new companies in new markets is a daunting task. And that is not even taking into account the endless sales team ramp-ups that come with each product launch.

Better talent leads to better performance, as shown in Cielo’s Talent Activation Index, which found that 90% of Life Sciences talent acquisition teams classified as Leaders are “Very Satisfied” with the quality of their talent. For talent acquisition teams that lag behind, that number freefalls down to a mere 5%.

The competition for talent has only gotten fiercer in recent years, spreading internal talent acquisition teams beyond their means. Businesses are suffering, because taking advantage of all this industry growth depends on having the right people with the right skills at the right time.

Cielo offers a proven, scalable recruitment partnership – including our exclusive technology platform, SkyRecruit – that will uncover the best talent for your organization. With Cielo as your partner, a dedicated team of expert recruiters seamlessly becomes your team, using the knowledge and experience necessary to tailor each candidate and hiring manager experience to the needs of individuals in pharmaceuticals, agriculture, biochemistry and other areas of Life Sciences.

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