Recruiting strategies & talent solutions for your industry

Your industry’s unique challenges call for custom solutions. Cielo’s sector expertise will help you attract top talent for all skill levels and deliver better experiences.

Consumer brands

To build a world-class consumer brand, you need a world-class employer brand – because your candidates are also your customers. That’s why our approach to recruitment focuses on both sides of your brand. Thinking of your customers and potential candidates as one and the same allows us to create hiring experiences that set your organization apart, whatever your industry.

Financial & professional services

Mergers and acquisitions and ever-changing regulations make recruiting in the financial and professional services industry challenging. But Cielo is equipped with the experience and expertise needed to source, attract and engage the individuals you need in banking, insurance, wealth management, procurement, real estate and more.


Great patient experience starts with great people, and Cielo knows how to find the nurses, clinicians, physicians and other healthcare professionals you need. We find the top talent to represent your culture and bring them wherever you are. It’s why we’re consistently ranked as the top Global Healthcare RPO partner by HRO Today magazine.

We’re here for candidates

Job seekers have lots of questions. Agents in our Candidate Impression Center will listen and work to resolve any problems that arise during the hiring process. We’ll make sure candidates leave with a positive, unforgettable experience.

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Life sciences

The race for quality life sciences talent is real. Whether you’re in an emerging or mature market, Cielo has the knowledge and know-how to fill specialized roles like researchers, lab techs, and scientists.

Technology & media

STEM talent is essential – and hard to come by. We’ll find you top tech and digital talent, like programmers and software developers, by engaging them, understanding what they want, and focusing on attracting individual candidates.