Texting is becoming a bigger part of recruitment technology every day, and it’s no wonder why. It’s an easy, low-cost way of communicating with candidates instantly. But, as Cielo tech expert Adam Godson makes clear in his new video, it’s important to know how to use texting well.

His texting do’s and don’ts include:

  • DO text the candidate if you’ve already engaged them and just need them to take care of something that they can do on their phone like filling out an onboarding form, completing a drug screen application, or self-scheduling an interview.
  • DO use texting to send reminders for interviews, along with directions. This adds a personal touch that can really stick with a candidate.
  • DON’T text them outside business hours. Candidates find this incredibly intrusive and a sign that the organization doesn’t have much consideration for personal time and space. Texting should not be a replacement for email.
  • DON’T text without making sure there aren’t restrictions on texting in your geographical area. It’s legal in the U.S., but there are parts of the world where texting during recruiting is considered a commercial activity.

Follow these guidelines to make sure texting is helping, rather than hurting, your candidate experience.

A little bit about Adam: Since joining Cielo in 2011, he has been blazing trails in recruitment technology. Among his accomplishments are having developed and implemented the RPO industry’s first globally deployed Candidate Recruitment Marketing (CRM) platform and introducing such innovations as automated screening and assessment tools, robotic process automation support, virtual career fairs, and platforms for analytics and talent intelligence. Follow Adam on Twitter @AdamGodson and connect with him on LinkedIn.