What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)?

Many people hear “Recruitment Process Outsourcing” and think of a staffing firm or headhunters. But what Cielo offers goes far deeper than that, letting you partner with experts to design and execute a customized talent acquisition and recruitment process that delivers exceptional business results. We work as one with your internal team to transform your approach to getting the talent you need when you need it.

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RPO isn’t for quick fixes or one-off hires. We go all-in with you, embedding our talent experts within your organization, living your values while protecting and promoting your employer brand. Our high-tech meets high-touch approach to RPO pairs the industry’s most advanced, integrated technology with important moments of human interaction. You will have high-quality candidates at the speed and scale you need them, all while satisfying candidates and hiring managers.

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing models

Each organization has unique talent challenges. Perhaps you need to shorten your time to fill, or you have obstacles to providing a positive candidate experience. Whatever your recruiting challenges may be, Cielo will work with you to assess your situation, uncover the true core issues, and build an RPO solution best suited for your needs and goals.

Typically, these recruiting solutions fall into five different types of partnerships.

Enterprise RPO

Sourcing, engaging, interviewing, hiring, branding, onboarding … you name it, Enterprise RPO covers it. This full-service offering is for when you want to completely transform your talent acquisition and recruitment, partnering with us as we design and implement your customized solution. You’ll receive full accountability from us and our embedded recruitment team, who will work with you and be responsible for achieving your specific business and talent goals.

Hybrid RPO

Hybrid RPO is ideal when you want RPO service support for a specific location, business unit or critical position within your company. In this type of partnership, we complement your current recruitment processes with a dedicated team of recruiters. They will live and breathe your culture, mission and values while giving your Human Resources team the flexibility it needs to focus on strategic business objectives.

Modular RPO

Sometimes, you need specific recruitment scale or support to move your business forward. With Cielo’s modular RPO offering, TA Optimizers™, you gain the flexibility to improve certain moments throughout the talent acquisition lifecycle. This partnership will augment your TA team by enhancing key steps or alleviate time-consuming tasks to amplify the recruitment experience for all. It’s not self-service or a subscription-based platform; it’s high-touch managed support – where and when you need it most.

Project RPO

Project RPO is for when you need a certain amount of hires within a very short, and very strict, timeline, and your internal team is already stretched to the limit. In this partnership, Cielo assumes responsibility over the recruitment life cycle. Cielo focuses on balancing quality and quantity to make sure your talent demands go from your biggest worry to your proudest achievement.

High Volume RPO

High Volume RPO combines mobile technology and intelligent automation to do applicant screening, assessing and interviewing. This ensures that the hiring manager is only seeing the most qualified candidates and are a great fit for the role. While your hiring managers gain time back to focus on business growth initiatives, our technology provides a positive candidate experience. High-volume hiring at the speed, scale and cost you need without sacrificing qualified candidates.

The next normal

Transforming talent acquisition operating models for cost savings and flexibility

RPO technology

Getting the most from your technology investments while trying to keep up with the latest and greatest technology – artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual reality – can seem like an impossible task. When you have Cielo in your corner, you’ll get a partner that has built unmatched expertise in recruiting solutions through technology with experience, innovation and RPO solutions. We have designed a flexible technology platform, called Cielo TalentCloud, to enable great experiences and insights to accelerate recruiting performance.

RPO Technology

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Global reach

As RPO grows as an industry around the world, we are increasing our global footprint to allow us to provide truly region-specific solutions to fuel your competitive advantage. We know the nuances of your region, from the language candidates speak to which social media networks they prefer to the relevant legislation that affects recruitment.

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We use our global expertise to deliver the talent you need, where and when you need it.

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Asia Pacific

Latin America

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North America

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