Talent acquisition optimization for the moments you need it

To earn quality candidates, your talent acquisition team needs an efficient recruitment process that finds and hires the right people. That process can look complex, and sometimes, specific scale or support is needed to get your business where it needs to go.


With TA Optimizers, you can improve certain moments throughout the talent acquisition lifecycle. Using process, technology and expertise, we’ll partner to enhance key steps or alleviate time-consuming tasks to amplify the recruitment experience for all. This isn’t outsourcing; it’s augmenting your strategy – where and when you need it most.

You need hiring outcomes now – we’re ready to help.

Explore how TA Optimizers can successfully augment your team.

Leveraging outcome-based expertise

TA strategy and technology evolve fast – ensure your team and approach do too. Working with Cielo gives you access to 20 years’ experience designing and transforming TA strategies for the world’s leading organizations.

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Why TA Optimizers?

Create candidate-first moments

Create candidate-first moments

Make your hiring process so good, candidates rave about it with friends.

Talent-facing or not, Cielo will manage tasks so your team can meet candidates faster and improve the experience for every person involved.

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Candidate satisfaction rates of +90%

Empower your TA team

Empower your TA team

Give your recruiters valuable time back, so they can reduce hiring time and increase efficiency across the TA process.

With Cielo’s foundational and tailored support, your TA process and team will be more efficient and scalable.

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Lowering time-to-fill by 35 days

Reinforce your brand & reputation

Reinforce your brand & reputation

Build authentic moments and connections that boost retention and business growth.

Partnering with Cielo, your brand always comes first – strengthening your company’s reputation by creating a seamless experience that amplifies what makes it unique.

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Increasing retention by 7.2%

Strengthening your process with a flexible talent acquisition partner

Perks of modular RPO – less outsource & more options

TA Optimizers isn’t enterprise RPO, it’s modular. The benefits of a transformational RPO partnership are endless, but it’s not always the right solution for your organization.

With TA Optimizers, we’ll complement your high-performing team while balancing people, process, and technology. It’s not self-service or a subscription-based platform, it’s the same high-touch managed support you’d get with RPO – just for key hiring stages.

The magic of a Power Pairing

Some things just go together – like sun and sand, rock and roll, or sourcing and screening. The services within TA Optimizers work in tandem, reinforcing the value you gain and the outcomes your teams can achieve. That’s why we’ve created Power Pairings.

Power Pairings are different plug-and-play services that augment your people and process with total flexibility. When you connect with one of our TA experts, we’ll help you find the right combination of support for your unique business and opportunities.

TA Optimizers: Services for every stage

Strategy and planning

Set your talent acquisition team up for success with the right planning approach. With tailored market insights, talent demand plans, and job scoping information, you can build the right strategy to find and hire top talent.

  • Strategic Talent Planning
    Better manage skills gaps, predict labor costs, meet long-term business goals, and create key talent acquisition documents for a successful hiring process with high-touch, consultative partners.
  • Market Intelligence
    Maximize your hiring plans in any geography with targeted sourcing strategies, recruitment marketing plans, and competitive compensation packages based on custom market data.
  • Requisition Management
    Speed up the entire requisition process – from approval to posting – by streamlining time-consuming tasks so you can find top candidates faster.

Sourcing to screening

Create and fill talent pipelines with diverse, qualified talent. From candidate generation to candidate engagement, time to match and interview is what will set you apart.

  • Sourcing and Screening
    Get qualified & diverse candidate lists with proactive communications, essential documentation, and movement of unqualified candidates to talent communities, focusing recruiters or hiring managers on vetted quality candidates to interview – accelerating the recruitment lifecycle.
  • Recruitment Event Management
    Host successful and results-oriented events, virtual or in person, that bring in the best candidates – without the expensive tools and setup.
  • Recruitment Marketing
    Fill your candidate pipeline fast with eye-catching creative and a tailored ad distribution strategy, saving you time and money.
  • Talent Pool Assessment
    Clean and arrange your candidate data set to connect ideal talent with current pipeline needs while nurturing the rest, saving time with a shortlist of engaged candidates.

Interview to offer

Put your time and resources to good use. Deliver an interview process that quickly moves the best talent through to offer and acceptance.

  • Recruiter Interview Scheduling
    Reduce administrative tasks with interview scheduling, so recruiters can spend more time with candidates.
  • Hiring Manager Interview Process
    Support your hiring managers in doing their day job with shortlist building and interview management (coordination, scheduling, and collecting feedback).
  • Offer Process Management
    Expedite your decision-to-offer time and reduce the burden on internal resources by optimizing all aspects of the offer process with industry best practices in mind.

Post-offer to performance

Impress talent on their journey from candidates to employees. Power real hiring results with data-based operational and strategic dashboards that show the impact and value of each hire.

  • Preboarding and Provisioning
    Streamline communication on background checks, equipment, access, and other preboarding and provisioning requirements – setting new hires up for success.
  • New Employee Engagement
    Ensure engagement is high with new hires surrounding key milestones, so that you can gauge sentiment, attrition potential, and provide the best experience possible.
  • Exit Interview Management
    Simplify and reduce bias of the exit process with third-party support that records and shares feedback, ultimately improving the experience.
  • Reporting & Analytics
    Make more data-informed decisions and better understand how your recruitment process is performing with end-to-end funnel metrics.

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