Looking forward, looking up in talent acquisition

A refreshing video series that challenges today's talent acquisition trends

Finding the right talent is critical. And so is finding those differentiating ideas that’ll propel your organization to success.

To prepare and inspire you for the journey ahead, we’ve created a series of videos that shed light on common trends and challenges facing global talent leaders across industries. You’ll hear from leading TA professionals and Cielo experts on the importance of original thinking and evolving in four key areas.

Watch this series now to spark your creativity as you continue to build talent acquisition solutions that create better talent experiences for all.

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Strategies & partnership

Episode 1

Today, you need to identify a diverse and inclusive set of candidates – fast and strategically. You need to bring all the talent acquisition trends together while using technology in sophisticated ways. Hear how partnering with Cielo allows you to make quicker, more informed decisions – giving you a portfolio of fresh TA strategies to pursue.

Storytelling & DEI

Episode 2

Employees and candidates aren’t looking for perfection, they’re looking for authenticity. This is especially true when it comes to diversity in the workplace – make sure your employer brand genuinely tells talent what they’ll get. Watch to learn more about the value of storytelling and how Cielo can guide you on your DEI journey.

Digital transformation

Episode 3

In a competitive market, you must stay ahead of the candidate pool – always. Leveraging digital tech and automation allows you to do that and connect with talent when they’re ready. The best use of TA tech enables a more human experience throughout the hiring process. Hear more on the benefits of tech-enabled talent acquisition and how Cielo’s solutions will help you illuminate talent.

Culture & commitment

Episode 4

Future-proofing your business requires foresight and continual investment in your culture, followed by planning and executing ahead of hiring needs. The right people, process and technology ensure your TA strategy is fit for purpose. Listen to how partnering with Cielo will streamline TA processes for everyone – so you’re ready for whatever the talent market brings.

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