Take Control of Your Talent Approach

When it comes to talent, one size does not fit all. Your company is one of a kind, and our talent acquisition solutions and services empower you to meet your unique hiring and talent management needs.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing Solutions

Talent acquisition is changing fast, growing more complex with each shift in technology or emerging demographic. Organizations need innovative, scalable solutions to remain competitive and excel.

With our RPO recruitment solutions, you will fill positions faster, with higher-quality candidates, while delivering awesome candidate experiences and an efficient hiring process.

We will help you rethink your approach to talent acquisition and recruitment. With RPO services, we've created dedicated recruitment teams embedded within your internal team that use the latest talent acquisition technology to make data-driven decisions. We live and breathe your culture and serve as protectors and ambassadors of your brand.

Your Client Services team ensures process consistency and service excellence in day-to-day operations. This is especially true through peaks and valleys in hiring, leveraging data and insights for continuous improvement. We do what we say we’re going to do, and deliver real results for you.

Why Choose RPO?

Superior candidate experience, stronger employer brand, new recruitment technology, and alignment with your talent acquisition and business strategies. These make up the Recruitment Process Outsourcing difference. Featuring industry analysts: Zachary Misko of the HRO Today Services and Technology Association, Kyle Lagunas of IDC, Vishal Gupta of the Everest Group, Gerry Crispin on CareerXroads and Gary Bragar of NelsonHall.

We invited industry analysts to comment on why organizations should choose Recruitment Process Outsourcing.

The RPO Collection

Download this collection of helpful content to learn about RPO, its history and how it works.

Total Talent Acquisition

Independent contractors, freelancers, SOW staff and other contingent workers play an increasingly large role in today’s workforce. Using only traditional methods or just a single channel to find them means your organization will miss out on the best talent.

Cielo’s total talent acquisition solution provides a way for you to recruit and manage all of your talent, permanent and contingent. We search far and wide, across all available channels to find and engage talent wherever it may be in today’s tight labor market. The experience is seamless for both candidates and hiring managers, ensuring that your employer brand is protected. This approach lets you align talent to your business strategy, enhance visibility, increase the talent pool, and centralize your talent acquisition function.

High Volume RPO

Whether in retail, customer service, hospitality or any other industries that depend on hourly workers, the importance of doing hourly hiring right is vital. These workers are the backbone of your organization, often with the power to determine a customer’s experience single-handedly. Yet turnover for hourly employees is at 49%, and most employers say they struggle with high-volume hiring. For mass hires, it makes complete sense to outsource recruitment. 

Cielo’s High Volume RPO solution combines mobile technology and intelligent automation to do all the screening, assessing and interviewing. This ensures that the hiring manager is only seeing those candidates who are most qualified and are a great fit for the role. This delivers a great candidate experience and gives your hiring managers time back to focus on other activities to help your business grow. Cielo’s High Volume RPO does high-volume hiring at the speed, scale and cost you need without sacrificing qualified candidates. 

<p>The Cielo Difference:<br />The Impression Center</p>

The Cielo Difference:
The Impression Center

Nothing in the application process should get between you and the right candidate. Whatever the issue, be it technical difficulties, missed communication, or scheduling conflicts, our Impression Center agents are there to guide candidates with a personal touch. Whether they talk to a future CEO or someone brand new to the workforce, our agents will listen. These agents work tirelessly to resolve any problems and provide a positive, thoughtful candidate experience.

Employer Branding, Talent Marketing & Digital

Cielo’s Employer Branding Team creates and activates high-performance talent marketing, candidate attraction and engagement strategies. We power superior awareness, attraction and conversion through to increased engagement and business outcomes.

Our team of globally experienced employer branding experts, strategists, storytellers, designers and more will help you generate purpose and passion for your people by:

  • Employer Brand Strategy
  • Talent Attraction and Recruitment Marketing
  • Employee Engagement
  • Digital and Experience

As great organizations get the link between their customers (or patients) and people, we can build on that link to help you attract, engage and inspire the right talent for the jobs of today and tomorrow.

Technology Consulting

Our recruitment technology consultants are masters in process design supported by technology, creating comprehensive and forward-looking strategies unique to you and your business goals. Guiding you through your strategic transformation journey, we ensure stakeholders understand the benefits of change and the change management process to help you optimize your investment and avoid costly mistakes.

Using a proven methodology, our team is highly seasoned in implementing, optimizing, and integrating recruitment technology solutions across the talent acquisition spectrum. With our expertise in best business processes and leading technology, together, we will position your strategy and deployment for lasting success.

DEI Talent Acquisition Strategies & Solutions

Diversity, equity and inclusion is a unique journey for each organization. A partnership with Cielo equips you with the DEI strategies, training and resources to drive your company’s specific hiring needs through inclusive talent attraction.

We will customize a strategic, measurable and effective DEI approach to support you in building an innovative, collaborative and inclusive environment that attracts candidates and retains employees. With our proven expertise, cutting-edge technology, and trusted partners, we will work jointly to make your DEI goals a reality.