Cielo’s brand partner, Wellstar, was facing an expiring contract with a vendor that had been supplying hourly billing collections and revenue cycle support across the Wellstar health system. With an urgent need to fill 300+ roles within a two-month timeframe, Wellstar partnered with Cielo to develop a strategy to help overcome this challenge.

A recruitment event was put forth as the solution for this challenge, starting with defining the ideal target market to ensure we attracted the right people. An offsite venue was secured, and logistics were planned with an event partner. This partnership meant that we had experienced individuals manage the events and logistics aspects of the solution, allowing us to provide full range and resource to manage the employer brand strategy. This included a multidimensional media strategy that comprised various streams including social media, digital advertisements, tools and text blasts, to cover the media in our target market. This multi-layered media strategy approach allowed us to cover all key bases and target the ideal market identified, ensuring we attracted the right people to the event.

Images promoting targeted hiring event for Wellstar

In less than two weeks, branded media generated 2,077 clicks and 410 attendees on the day of the event. This resulted in 50 on-the-spot-offers, with many additional offers the next day. The success of the event was even recognized and awarded with 2019 “Best Recruiting Event of the Year” award from Best in Biz.


By working with specialist partners and client stakeholders, we help to define what good looks like and then translate this into meaningful and inspiring messaging that will attract candidates with a high probability of excellent performance.

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