Strengths-based profiling and employee interviews can pave the way for replicating key attributes.

There are always a percentage of top performers in a business – the ones who go further faster, secure more wins, “get” the vision, impress the customers and live the values. We all want more of these people.

By working with specialist partners and client stakeholders, we help to define what good looks like and then translate this into meaningful and inspiring messaging that will attract candidates with a high probability of excellent performance.

How do you manage graduate hiring across 14 countries and create additional value for the business?

By developing an integrated solution, we revolutionized the way graduate talent was identified, acquired and activated. With our partners, Capp Consulting, we defined what “good” looked like and built out detailed profiles for our target talent. We then attracted the best talent with a multidimensional campaign comprising events, advertising, social media and on-campus activity. New assessment processes and a high-touch candidate experience quickly took us to reaching our objectives for the year.

Over 6 months, we received over 8,000 applications driven from brand activation (1,000% increase on the previous year) plus over 50,000 visits to the new portal (500% increase). 41% of visits were from Social Media. Applications from focus universities increased, as well as conversion from assessment centers to final panel. Conversion from final panel to offer was 93% compared to 45% in the previous year.

Brand Consulting, Creative Development, Digital and Campaign Design, Managed Social Media Service. Assessment and Selection Integrated into RPO Solution.

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