Telling Your Story, Boosting Your Employer Brand

We work to make your organization a place top talent wants to join. Our team of globally experienced consultants, strategists, storytellers, designers and more are here to listen and help you share a compelling, credible message with the world.

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Put simply, it is all about generating more love for your employer brand, and driving better attraction, retention and productivity. Our team of Employer Brand and Marketing experts help you to meet your talent agenda needs through:

Research and Insight Generation – understand your target audience, what they are looking for in a prospective employer and how to reach them where they are.

Employer Branding and Employee Value Propositions (EVP) – ensure you have a compelling, credible message to market.

Attraction and Recruitment Marketing – communicate with your target group using targeted messages, creative campaigns, be part of the conversation on social media.

Online Candidate Experience – optimize your careers website and refine your digital presence to reflect your employer brand and an on-brand candidate experience.

Employee Engagement – engage your employee population as advocates in the promotion of your employer brand.

Our work falls broadly into three categories: Define, Build & Manage.

Define – We use surveys, focus groups or interviews with targeted talent or current employees to define your challenges and inform your strategy and develop your Employee Value Proposition (EVP). A digital audit will review what candidates are able to find out about your organization in a quick search, and how that information stacks up to your competitors. 

Build  You'll need measurable action strategies to target the best talent, and we help you develop it from concept to execution. That includes original content for photo, video, animation and social media to engage the communities that we build into your sourcing strategy. 

Manage – Once the core thinking and assets for your employer brand are in place, we help clients to activate the EVP across all areas of the candidate journey and ensure that the promise is delivered by the reality; this is really the crux of representing your EVP. For some clients we work on a project basis, while for others we operate retained services (social media, recruitment marketing, etc.)

A dedicated practice within Cielo’s talent acquisition and talent management business, we are a team of globally experienced consultants, strategists, insight-generators, storytellers, brand-developers, designers, website builders, social media and engagement experts, and award-winning professionals.

With careers spanning agency and in-house roles, we draw on disciplines across B2B and B2C. This gives us a deep understanding of not just employer brand practices, but consumer and corporate brands, which means we bring a truly holistic understanding of business and are able to engage with C-Suite stakeholders.

You will find us committed, friendly, approachable, flexible, straight-talking, willing to go the extra mile, willing to challenge you when it is in your best interest, generous with our knowledge and expertise, focused on creating value and proud to make a measurable difference. 

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