Rogers Behavioral Health needed to make several hires for essential roles – including nurses and residential care specialists – at the peak of the COVID-19 outbreak. To help differentiate itself as an employer and convert passive leads into active ones, Rogers needed to quickly pull together compelling recruitment marketing creative and shift to a simplified, virtual hiring experience.

Cielo leveraged a partnership with Brazen to offer a series of virtual hiring events. The platform incorporated robust information about Rogers’ employer brand and the specific opportunities to help educate attendees. Through the live chat functionality, candidates could engage directly with recruiters for a personalized experience, offering live chat functionality for seamless candidate-recruiter engagement. As part of the employer brand solution, Cielo’s creative team developed a suite of recruitment marketing assets to promote the event, including candidate-recruiter email campaigns, social media content and billboards. This provided Rogers Behavioral Health with the tools and assets to not only boost awareness of the event, engaging with more passive candidates, but also enhanced  the candidate experience right from the initial attraction stage.

image collage advertising careers with Rogers Behavioral Health

The digital and outdoor advertising tactics deployed to promote the five virtual hiring events ultimately resulted in reaching 490k candidates through social media advertisements, 101 virtual event attendees, and 9 hires secured for essential roles – 8 nurses and 1 residential care specialist. Because of the rapid response our partnership with Rogers Behavioral Health offered, we were able to attract and hire highly sought-after roles during an unprecedented time. By pivoting our employer brand solutions to adapt to the external environment and meet hiring needs, all whilst providing a seamless and personalized experience.