Carefully selected social channels are a route to potential candidates wherever they are.

Building a social media presence is at the heart of brand activation for many employers. Starting in your home market is a great foundation, as it offers a known target group and clear rules of engagement. But what happens when the need arises to enter new markets, especially those with a range of languages, nuances in online etiquette and where you have limited on-the-ground presence?

As a result of a reorganization, Keysight Technologies needed to launch their new brand, raise awareness among those familiar with the legacy of an old brand name and spark interest among those completely new to the industry. So how should they launch this message globally using social media as a key channel to market?

We launched a social media managed service for Keysight as a launchpad for raising brand awareness. This served as a structured, yet flexible way to share relevant content about the newly formed organization reaching current and potential employees in a range of markets. We managed multiple social profiles, content development and carefully planned social media activity targeting global audiences, with a specific aim of building advocacy and followers. Channels were carefully chosen, and included Facebook, Twitter, Glassdoor and VKontakte (VK).

Audience numbers saw an immediate increase within the first three months, and by the end of the first year Facebook followers for Keysight had more than doubled. The campaign saw an 800% increase in the potential reach from core channels Facebook and Twitter between launch and end of the first year, while traffic driven to Glassdoor rose from 3,625 views to 45,757 views.

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