ASM, a leading, global supplier of semiconductor wafer processing equipment, partnered with Cielo's Employer Brand Team to develop and activate their Employee Value Proposition (EVP). To meet their ongoing growth ambitions and ensure current employees recognised what they stand for as an employer, it was crucial to activate their newly crafted EVP with a bespoke activation strategy that worked for them. ASM required a robust internal and external EVP launch, a tailored communication strategy that utilized existing channels and reinforced a clear and consistent proposition for ASM careers.

The challenge was to develop an internal and external activation strategy that won the hearts and minds of current employees – and engaged talent to join the organization. The activation strategy included the following:


  • Tailored employer brand assets for ASM’s intranet site to support EVP content and resources for all employees
  • Hiring manager guides and toolkits to inform and equip them with the knowledge and tools for communicating ASM’s core proposition to candidates
  • Launch emails to introduce the newly established EVP alongside relevant content and resources
  • An online Employer Brand Hub housing all latest assets ready for localized activation
  • Communications content provided to support leadership (including ASM’s CEO) in introducing the proposition through consistent messaging
  • Animation communicating the EVP development process and launch to all internal stakeholders


  • A phased approach to integrating EVP messaging and visuals on the careers site to align with ongoing revamp plans
  • Commercial careers animation communicating the EVP launched externally on the careers site and social media
  • Corporate and employees leveraging digital brand assets externally

ASM Employer Brand Strategy and Activation


The EVP has been successfully rolled out to 2,600 employees across 14 countries. Providing managers and recruiters with access to messaging, assets, and tools for use across each key talent group. To date we have seen the following key metrics:

ASM’s workforce grew by 10% YoY – double the previous year’s growth. Retention has increased by 7.2%. In 2020 76% of leavers said they would recommend ASM as a good place to work as compared to 51% in 2019. Voluntary attrition rates have also dropped from 8.7% to 8.3%.

The ASM Employer Brand is now externally visible and present across key candidates’ touchpoints. The EVP genuinely resonates with employees from the inside out, which has been displayed through the use of digital brand assets by both corporate and employees. A subtle but powerful way of showcasing and bringing your Employer Brand to life externally.

‘The Power of an Open Mind has been a great USP for us at ASM, recognized at all levels of the company, including the Board members! It embraces our diverse population, our thirst for innovation and that we need great minds to achieve our ambitions for the future. The journey has just started and I believe there are lots more benefits to harness from this concept.’

- Carlos Torres, ASM Talent Management Director

‘It’s been a privilege to partner with ASM at such a critical juncture of their growth. The business story, culture and leadership vision has ensured that the program approach, solution and outcomes are a benchmark for how employer branding can and should be done.’

- Andy Curlewis, Cielo Senior Vice President - Brand, Digital & Communications