Harnessing global strengths and local appeal can help you secure niche talent.

It is a universal issue: how can you achieve employer brand consistency across varied regions and functions without diluting your core messaging or alienating elements of the workforce?

When it comes to niche talent segments, we apply scientific research, profiling and creative thinking to develop highly-targeted campaigns that reflect global messaging, but speak directly to the individual. The result? Better attraction, better quality candidates and – ultimately – better performance.

How do we tailor a global employer brand to appeal to niche talent recruitment but still keep consistency?

By developing a targeted campaign that fits within the global framework, we were able to reach into the market with a compelling story that was reinforced at every stage of the attraction and hiring process. At the core was a focus on hard-to-fill and business critical roles. Creative development, print and digital campaign in addition to recruiter and hiring manager guides ensured consistency of candidate experience and drove positive outcomes. Globally consistent, locally relevant.

Increased awareness and positive sentiment. Employee engagement and performance.

Creative Development, Digital Design and Development, Attraction Campaign.

GE Power's global and local campaign