Building a new careers destination to attract talent in a local employment market


As a prominent local employer with an already strong reputation, Ahern was looking for a clearer way to articulate their Employer Value Proposition (EVP) to potential candidates and current employees. A refresh of the careers website was also planned, to share the organization’s story and simplify the initial stages of the candidate experience.

A program of employee research allowed us to explore the lives of Ahern employees and define a compelling EVP, bringing to life the real impact of the work that Ahern does. The careers website was re-designed with the user experience in mind, featuring bold imagery, employee stories and clear segmentation for the critical roles Ahern recruits. The creative concept was used to build a full recruiter toolkit to support hiring leaders and Cielo supported Ahern in the development of a social media content plan, focused on building an engaged community of followers – critical as a well-renowned local employer.

The launch of the new website led to a year-on-year increase in time spent on the site by candidates, who were engaging with the richer content and simplified user experience. Ahern also saw a marked increase in their reach on owned social media channels leveraging both the use of content-led marketing as well as well as job posting functionality. The use of a #HiddenHeros spotlight feature to highlight employees and share EVP messages had a reach of almost 54,000 on Facebook and over 13% click-through rate.

Ahern - new careers destination assets and feedback

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