There are a number of challenges the U.K. must meet if it is to become a world leader in the life sciences industry. Chief amongst them is a skills shortage that is exacerbated by the current migration system, which restricts the ability to compete for highly skilled workers. And many believe Brexit will only make things worse.

The solution lies in organisations taking a Total Talent Acquisition approach to their workforce – broadening the way they source, attract and engage candidates to build a sustainable talent pipeline. Cielo’s Tanya Derrick, Client Services Director, tackles this issue in a new article for PharmaTimes.

From the article:

The recruitment challenge facing life sciences is aggravated by the fact that the industry relies heavily on recruiting people with highly technical knowledge and direct role experience. This narrows the recruitment pool. Talent leaders need to think more broadly, otherwise they will miss the opportunity to hire talented people.

Rather than focusing solely on technical skills, hiring managers should consider what other skills and experience employees could bring that would help transform their organisation within this ever-evolving industry. Soft skills such as good communication, time management, and a strong work ethic could be more of a differentiator than simply relying on degrees and higher-education qualifications.

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