As Total Talent Acquisition gains traction in the United States, companies are learning about the benefits of applying a consistent, holistic approach to hiring all types of workers, from permanent employees to independent contractors.

A new article in HR Dive addresses the rise in Total Talent Acquisition, and includes an interview with Marissa Geist, Cielo’s Executive Vice President and Managing Director of the Americas. Geist says that “Total talent is a shift in mindset about a company’s workforce,” and shares insights from Cielo’s recent Talent Acquisition 360 research that found that 90% of the 1,100 C-Suite, business, HR and procurement professionals surveyed named Total Talent Acquisition as their top priority.

From the article:

Frequently, HR is in charge of hiring full and part-time staff, while procurement or even department heads are sourcing independent contractors or temps. These practices obscure the overall hiring needs of the company, creating a gap between expectation and performance.

“When those silos are removed and the company gains visibility to the total workforce,” Geist said, “it enables them to be much more strategic in analyzing their talent requirements, as well as forecasting, planning and executing on a consistent, comprehensive talent acquisition program.”

Geist goes on to tell HR Dive about how Cielo has seen companies benefit from Total Talent Acquisition in the form of “reduced time to hire, better stakeholder satisfaction, enhanced brand reputation, and an immediate reduction of staffing agency spend.”

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