For healthcare organizations, talent shortages mean lost revenue from having to cancel procedures and turn away patients. And with the aging population and increased competition making healthcare talent scarce, organizations like yours need a new, total workforce solution. That solution is Total Talent Acquisition (TTA).

TTA can break down hiring silos by unifying your organization’s efforts in acquiring all types of workers. This solution can help fill all types of positions, including full-time staff, consultants, freelance contractors, temporary staff or project-based (gig) workers. Total Talent Acquisition can rein in costs, help assess your needs, and create a better experience for candidates. Most importantly, it can lead to delivering great care to more patients.

The healthcare industry is particularly well-positioned to benefit from a Total Talent Acquisition strategy because of the array of roles it employs. Cielo Healthcare already has helped HR teams build their own unique business case and start implementing Total Talent Acquisition models.

We created this guide to help you learn more about Total Talent and assess how your organization can benefit from it. Download it to learn:

  • What Total Talent Acquisition is
  • How TTA creates a competitive advantage in the healthcare industry
  • The positive impacts this model can have on healthcare organizations
  • How TTA can impact your overall business strategy
  • Steps to take to drive internal momentum with key stakeholders to review and consider a TTA model

With this flexible workforce management approach, your organization will be able to deliver its best healthcare talent acquisition strategy. And great talent will help to deliver the best patient care. Explore long-term solutions now by downloading this guide.