As part of TPx’s strategy to efficiently hire qualified sales employees and increase retention, senior leadership challenged the talent acquisition team to hire as many employees as possible during a 90-day period. A referral program was strategically included to kick-start these efforts. Great talent knows great talent, after all.

While TPx re-introduced a compelling payout structure as part of this initiative, they lacked a formal referral capture technology. Additionally, assets for marketing this program were non-existent. As our first key marketing tactic, we developed a TPx-branded Cielo TalentCloud collection form, giving employees an easy way to submit a referral. This form automatically generated a Cielo TalentCloud candidate profile upon completion, allowing for easy recruiter follow-up. To inspire employee referrals and increase program awareness, we developed a suite of marketing assets that included email campaigns, Yammer graphics, a poster and a text campaign.

Cielo’s RPO team sent Cielo TalentCloud campaigns to all new hires, encouraging referrals; TPx’s Human Resource team launched all digital and print marketing pieces internally. Collectively, these efforts generated 146 referrals and 35 hires.

Sample advertisement for TPx Communication's referral program


By working with specialist partners and client stakeholders, we help to define what good looks like and then translate this into meaningful and inspiring messaging that will attract candidates with a high probability of excellent performance.

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