Find out what they want (what they really, really want).

In spite of political correctness and calls for diversity, the labor market can still be a very imbalanced world. Certain roles are so strongly associated with a particular gender that it can limit opportunities for both the individuals and the employer.

We work with enlightened employers to shake up unhelpful preconceptions and level the playing field. By clearly profiling the attributes required in a worker, matching this to talent segments and then working with diverse segments to understand their motivations and drivers, we are able to crystallize and deliver high-impact campaigns.

How do you attract greater gender diversity to apply for a role typically associated with men?

By listening to current female employees to understand career drivers and auditing our insights against external perceptions we were able to develop a highly targeted attraction strategy. This comprised a proposition, creative execution, web pages and media campaign that encouraged women to apply for the role and helped dispel some existing myths.

Increased awareness and positive sentiment. Far higher engagement, attraction and talent conversion figures.

Insight and Strategy, Creative Development, Advertising and Digital Design.

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