By Irene Protopsaltis, Client Services Manager – APAC

It’s a particularly tough time to be an Australian employer trying to attract talent. In a tight candidate market, simply raising compensation is no longer enough to recruit the best. Candidates are looking at more than the paycheck on offer. They want a sense of shared purpose. They want to understand how their work will bring positive benefits to the world around them. They want to see how you’ll support them to bring their best selves to that shared endeavour.

At Cielo, we know about working together with our clients toward a shared purpose. It’s the heart of what we do. When our talent acquisition experts join your organisation, we live your brand, culture and values. Ownership, joint accountability and true partnership are central to the Recruitment Process Outsourcing services we provide to clients across Australia and the wider APAC region: organisations like Energizer, Kennametal, Weatherford and Smiths.

So how can we work with you to develop a more effective talent attraction strategy that reaches the people you need, and delivers your message of shared purpose?

Giving you access to a flexible global TA talent pool

In addition to our teams in Australia, we draw on the expertise of Cielo people across APAC and the globe. We can set up flexible hybrid teams which can scale up or down to meet your needs. So, you can increase the range of experience and skills on your talent attraction teams without adding permanent headcount. This global approach gives us – and you – insight into the latest talent attraction strategies being used by leading multinationals in a wide range of sectors.

Supporting your employer brand to drive a sense of shared purpose

To attract the best talent, you need a cohesive and single-minded employer brand to build and maintain your reputation – but it should also be flexible enough to deliver targeted messages that resonate with your core audiences. Right now, many employer brands are dialling up their messaging around shared purpose as its importance grows for the talent they want to attract. Ask yourself: how is your organisation working to improve people’s day-to-day lives? How is it responding to the challenge of building a more sustainable future? What is it doing to drive equality of opportunity for the communities you operate in? These are the dimensions on which candidates are assessing employers.

Over and above this, candidates want to understand how you’ll empower them to deliver on that shared purpose. How will you protect their physical and mental health so they can do their best work? Are you offering the hybrid, flexible work styles that protect them from burnout and balance their responsibilities at home and at work? Are you ensuring your employees have the opportunities needed to learn and grow? Will they have equal access to those opportunities, no matter what sector of the community they come from? As we do for our many clients, we can help you build an employer brand that delivers compelling answers to these questions for the key audiences you’re looking to attract.

Bringing together the people, processes and technology to drive your TA strategy

How, when and where you deliver those employer brand messages and how you manage the responses are both key to delivering a great candidate experience that will drive growth in your organisation. Cielo can be with you every step of the way. From analysing your short-, medium- and long-term talent needs and modelling the best ways to meet them, to implementing solutions and then tracking the outcomes, we can help you evolve a forward-looking strategy that’s continually being refined and improved.

Our high-tech meets high-touch approach to RPO pairs the industry’s most advanced, integrated technology with important moments of human interaction to improve the experience for candidates and recruiters alike. Our flexible platform Cielo TalentCloud integrates seamlessly with your existing tech. It can power everything from user-friendly interview scheduling technology to improve the hiring manager experience. Its predictive analytics deliver real-time insights and process recommendations based on how strategies are performing against previous campaigns and industry benchmarks.

Eliminating waste, building reputations

Developing an employer brand that champions the shared purpose of people within your organisation means making applicants feel included and valued. That’s why it’s important to reengage swiftly with unsuccessful candidates so they continue to feel part of that community. That not only builds your reputation as an employer that treats people well, it provides you with a pool of people who may have the skills you need for other vacancies further down the line. We can help you develop the systems and communication collateral that can make this reengagement seamless and avoid alienating the talent that you’ve already invested so much time in attracting.

Shared purpose means long-term thinking

Delivering a shared purpose strategy for your company that defines everything from how you’ll drive sustainability to how the work you do drives global progress is a long-term initiative and must be authentic. Planning to attract, nurture and develop the talent you will need to turn those shared purpose aims into a reality also takes long-term thinking.

At Cielo, we have the experience, talent and expertise to help you develop a compelling narrative around the shared purpose of your organisation to inspire and motivate the people you need to drive your business forward.

Our talent acquisition solutions aren’t for quick fixes or one-off hires. We can partner with you to develop skills-based workforce planning strategies: strategies that attract people with the skills you need to meet current business objectives and the potential to develop into the employees you will need to meet the challenges of the future.


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