Diversity and inclusion has gained huge momentum in the past few years. Not only is it seen as a socially responsible consideration for businesses, it also has been recognized as a key component to the overall success of an organization.

Employers are learning that hiring and truly integrating employees of varying races, genders, cultures, education, and background is vital to compete in today’s marketplace. But, as Balazs Paroczay, Cielo’s Vice President of Global Sourcing, points out in a new interview with TalentCloud Media, it’s not yet considered ”table stake.”

Balazs lends a personal touch sharing experiences from his own life and career in telling why he believes this will – and must – change.

From the article:

TalentCloud Media: Don’t you think that D&I has become an HR commodity rather than a priority the last few years?

Balazs Paroczay: There is a certain way how things usually evolve. Starting with niche that only a few professionals deal with, then growing more into mainstream when everyone talks about it till the moment when it becomes table stake, an evidence and not a question anymore.

Employer brand, social media or sourcing, for instance, are great examples of this evolution. All the three principles are table stakes today – no one questions their importance and impact, but it needed a long time, some 10 years, to get to the current state.

D&I is mainstream today but not yet table stake. Which means that HR professionals are aware of this phenomenon, understand the necessity of this topic, however, there are not yet universally accepted best practices about how to deal with it.

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