At Cielo, we are proud not only of the skills and expertise our employees bring to their work, but also of the people they are. A new interview in Amazing Hiring with Balazs Paroczay, our Vice President of Global Sourcing, does a great job of showcasing both.

Balazs shares his philosophies and practices when it comes to sourcing in the modern world, and also gives readers a revealing look into his backstory and the rather unique path he traveled to become a globally recognized sourcing guru.

Excerpt from the article:

Amazing Hiring: You have nearly 15 years of sourcing experience under your belt, how did you start? What inspires you about this sphere?

Balazs Paroczay: Hmm … my start was a pretty unorthodox start. I never studied business, economics, and actually I always thought I would become an artist, a musician, a stage director or something similar.
Now that certainly did not work out, but I became an “outsider” researcher who had the opportunity to blend all of his “other” knowledge, experience and creativity with business. And this outsider thinking (approach?) made me successful, I believe. In a sense, you know, because I did not live in a box, I never had a “helmet” on my mind. Also, this blend of everything is what inspires me every day: you must use your very best part of your brain, heart and soul for sourcing …

Amazing Hiring: You wrote in your blog that sourcing can make you happy, upset, angry, desperate, amazed or joyful. What is “sourcing” for you?

Balazs Paroczay: Sourcing is the science and art of how we build a superb short list from the available long list. Long list here stands for every candidate (being active or passive, applicant or not) and short list is a slate of qualified, interested and available candidates.

For me, sourcing is my profession, my fortune cookie, my love and my hate, my kingdom and boredom, the field that made me recognized, that helped me achieve one of my biggest life goals.

Visit Amazing Hiring to read, “Sourcing Guru Interview: Balazs Paroczay.”