BROOKFIELD, WI (November 25, 2019) – Cielo, the world’s leading strategic Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) partner, has invested in Visage, a platform that will enhance the capabilities of the company’s Distributed Sourcing Model by connecting recruiters and sourcers globally to deliver qualified candidates to clients faster.

Cielo’s Distributed Sourcing Model connects the organization’s internal crowd of recruiters worldwide to form a collective network of knowledge, experience and best practices that is accessible by all of the company’s recruiters. Visage’s global community of sourcers and AI system give Cielo recruiters a powerful external resource to use when the need arises based on priorities like capacity, role complexity, regional requirements and speed to fill.

“Our partnership with Visage is designed to increase our clients’ competitive advantage through talent and further demonstrates our commitment to innovation and future-focused solutions,” said Adam Godson, Cielo Chief Technology and Product Innovation Officer. “It’s the best sourcing connectivity technology out there. Instead of having one or two sourcers working a role for 20 days, we can get 20 sourcers filling the funnel in one day.”

“We can’t dream of a better team than Cielo to partner with to build the future of talent acquisition. Cielo is at the forefront of technological innovation in the RPO industry. Their market reach and expertise will help us scale our platform and disrupt the way recruitment is done,” said Joss Leufrancois, Visage Co-Founder and CEO. “Our technology frees up recruiters’ time so they can invest in the personal side of the job -- engage with candidates to understand their needs and expectations.”

As the RPO industry leader in technology enablement, Cielo constantly seeks cutting-edge recruiting tools, training, techniques and technologies to empower its recruiters to identify and secure the best talent for its clients.

“During a six-month pilot with the Visage platform this year, our recruiters who used it had more time to qualify and engage candidates, which helped them deliver more quality candidates to hiring managers faster,” Godson said.

Cielo recruiters also will use Visage’s talent pipelining capabilities with Cielo’s SkyRecruit to communicate with candidates frequently, keeping them informed and excited about their opportunity. The whole process, from sourcing through interviewing, artfully blends technology with personal touchpoints to deliver qualified and engaged candidates to hiring managers, resulting in shorter time-to-fill and increased quality of hire.

Cielo’s investment in Visage is the latest example of the RPO leader strategically partnering with a company whose technology enhances its processes to drive even better results for clients. In 2018, Cielo made a significant investment in Talentify to enhance its award-winning High Volume RPO solution. Talentify’s FLUX product combines recruitment marketing, behavioral psychology and experience design to deliver dramatically different results – a better velocity and quantity and quality of candidate. Also, in 2018, Cielo partnered with TalVista, a company whose software can help mitigate unconscious bias throughout the hiring process.

About Visage

Visage combines human and artificial intelligence to source and deliver high-quality candidate profiles to recruitment teams worldwide. Their subscription-based service enables recruiters to simply submit their candidate searches on Visage and get a batch of candidates to review within hours. They can then reach out to the candidates with one click, before receiving replies straight into their email inbox. By leveraging Visage for their sourcing, recruitment teams have more time for higher-level tasks ultimately making recruitment more efficient, and more human.