BROOKFIELD, WI (August 20, 2018) – Cielo (formerly Pinstripe) has expanded its capabilities to support organizations’ diversity and inclusion initiatives today by partnering with TalVista, a company whose software can help mitigate unconscious bias throughout the hiring process.

“It happens far too often that some of the best candidates get overlooked or sidelined because of biases on the part of the people doing the hiring – biases they might not even be aware they have,” said Sue Marks, Cielo’s founder and CEO. “Using TalVista’s technology and approach, our solution designers and recruiters can help talent acquisition leaders and hiring managers avoid that, to make sure that diversity of thought, background and perspective are truly represented in the people they hire. It’s the right thing to do, and it’s also a sound business strategy with a positive impact on the bottom line.”

Joining forces with TalVista is just the latest example of Cielo’s commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion, following a partnership with RallyPoint, America’s leading online network for service members and veterans, becoming the first RPO member of CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion™, and instilling a D&I certification program for its employees.

“Cielo is a leader in innovation, a beacon for others to follow,” said Scot Sessions, CEO of TalVista. “Our technology in the hands of their trained recruiting professionals make for a best-in-class partnership that will help talent acquisition and human resource leaders meet their diversity and inclusion goals and positively impact their business. A broader, more diverse candidate pool is essential for finding the right people for positions and aligning your workforce for the challenges of today and tomorrow.”

The partnership will combine Cielo’s people-first approach to sourcing, interviewing and hiring with TalVista’s technology to help recruiters and managers recognize and reduce unconscious bias. TalVista accomplishes this through three primary elements of its software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform: job description optimizations for a more inclusive candidate pool, redacted resume reviews to help hiring managers stay focused on candidate experience and skills, and structured interviews for hiring managers to follow a focused and scripted interview process. Organizations that have used these methods have reported to TalVista a 30% increase in gender diversity among applicants.

“Our clients tell us how important advancing their diversity and inclusion initiatives are to them, their executive teams, Boards, customers, as well as their current and prospective employees,” Marks said. “This innovative technology will help us do that, finding the best candidates regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation or any other aspect that doesn’t affect their ability to do the job.”

 Cielo’s Anne Bucher recently joined TalVista’s Elaine Orler on BBC World’s GMT to talk about how the wording in job descriptions impacts diversity in the workforce:

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Seeing beyond the obvious. TalVista, a woman-owned business, provides a view beyond the noise of unconscious bias in the hiring process. Now businesses can be more inclusive from the job description through to the interview. Based on research, the words we use will reveal either our inclusive or exclusionary tendencies. Companies who combine our job description optimization and redacted resume reviewing with scripted and structured interviews now have a SaaS platform to mitigate unconscious bias. This will result in greater inclusivity with a more diverse and skilled workforce. For more information, visit