Many companies today realize the importance of diversity and inclusion to their success and have wisely made it a top priority. Yet doing it effectively remains a struggle.

Anne Bucher, Cielo’s Senior Vice President of Customer Experience, has written an article for The Staffing Stream that gives talent acquisition leaders several tips that can make their D&I dreams a reality. The article addresses the ways in which many companies begin their D&I initiatives with ill-defined goals and limited knowledge or experience while also lacking key components like technology solutions and metrics.

From the article:

D&I initiatives require executive buy-in and ongoing support. If your decision makers are convinced of D&I’s importance from the beginning, you can make real change much more effectively.

Educate leadership on the benefits of a more diverse workforce. With diversity and inclusion efforts proven to positively impact the bottom line, it shouldn’t be hard to capture their attention and advocacy. Highlight the concrete benefits of supporting a more diverse team so your leaders prioritize your efforts: improved innovation, reduced employee turnover, better ability to attract top talent, and more.

Create a policy that formalizes your company’s commitment to D&I. Our CEO, for example, signed an action committed to advancing women in leadership at our company. Fifty-percent of our global executive team is female and approximately 65% of those at the director level and above are female. These outcomes would not be possible without the support of leadership.

Visit Staffing Industry Analysts’ The Staffing Stream to read the full article, “Make Your D&I Efforts Really Count.”