Diversity and inclusion has become widely accepted as an essential part of success in today’s business landscape. Not only does it have societal benefits, it has also been shown repeatedly that diverse companies enjoy higher profits and attract top talent.

In a new article for The HR Director, our Alison Hallett, Client Services Director, shares proven strategies for increasing diversity and inclusion at an organization. This starts as early as fine-tuning the language used in a job ad and covers topics such as flexible schedules and apprenticeships.

From the article:

“In our experience, increasing diversity in the workplace starts with the way you recruit. If you can reduce bias in the hiring process, you will attract a greater range of candidates and employees. One way to do this is by using inclusive language in job descriptions. At Cielo, we use augmented writing technology to help achieve this. The software analyses the content and tone of job adverts and other communications to identify any unconscious bias. We are then able to modify our language and ensure we are as inclusive as possible. For example, we remove masculine words (e.g., “ninja,” “strong,” “build”) that data shows may be off-putting to some women and deter them from applying for roles.”

Visit The HR Director to read the full article, “How to Increase Diversity in the Workplace.”