Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) means transferring delivery for all or part of the recruitment process to an external partner on an ongoing basis. The RPO aligns recruiters who adopt your culture and represent your brand, and are supported by the latest in talent acquisition technology, tools and expertise so you can get better talent faster and make a positive impact on your business.

An RPO provider partners with you to review your talent acquisition needs, assess your current processes and technology, identify areas of improvement, and design a customized solution, service level agreements and measures of success. You’ll have skilled recruiters working on your behalf, accessing a global sourcing network while leveraging recruitment marketing and employer brand resources. State-of-the-art technology and intelligent automation will help you find, attract and hire the talent you need – when and where you need it. Read stories from Cielo's recruiters here.

The RPO team would work with you to assess your talent acquisition situation and customize a solution to meet your specific needs. RPO recruiters serve as an extension of your team filling your open positions, leveraging their expertise and technology while engaging with candidates as a member of your organization and protecting your brand. Learn about RPO Models here.

Yes! Hourly workers are often the backbone of an organization, but many employers say they struggle with high-volume hiring. High Volume RPO provides a mobile-friendly solution that automates the screening and assessment process, allowing you to hire at the volume, speed, and scale you need while providing consistent hiring manager and candidate experience. Read more about Cielo's High Volume RPO solution.

An RPO partner can use a highly targeted approach to identify C-Suite and executive candidates who will fit your culture and make great leaders for your organization. This can be done in any geography, and either as a single assignment or part of a multiple-hire engagement. Explore Cielo's Executive Search practice.

This is an increasingly common situation for organizations, and RPO has answered the call with Total Talent Acquisition. This approach centralizes all your hiring, whether it’s for permanent employees or contingent workers, giving candidates and hiring managers a seamless experience, a sustainable model to flex and scale with your hiring needs, and an accountable partner delivering real business results. Download our guide to Total Talent Acquisition in healthcare or learn about one of our Total Talent Acquisition partnerships.

There are both tactical and strategic reasons to seek a recruitment partner. Perhaps a company’s demand for talent outpaces their internal team’s capacity, technology, or time. Or there could be a desire to transform the entire talent acquisition process. Outside help can be the answer. Hear from an analyst on why organizations choose RPO.