Logi-Serve brings rigorous science and advanced technology to the art of hiring and promoting talent. Founded in 2012 by a team of industrial organizational scientists and business executives, Logi-Serve helps companies link the capabilities of their workforce to the financial and operational metrics that critically affect their business. Our cutting edge assessment and development platform identifies employees with exceptional capabilities for sales and service and delivers precise results. The assessment provides a patent pending Triangulation science methodology that includes customized visually-rendered scenarios that take test-takers through a series of questions that build on previously supplied answers, resulting in highly reliable responses. Through the use of engaging, visually-rendered scenarios, and innovative user-focused technologies the Logi-Serve assessment dramatically improves the user experience, gathers data more efficiently and reliably evaluates employees on the specific competencies that lead to success in any sales and service role.


Companies seeking a unique and engaging assessment experience will be a good fit for LogiServe.


Logiserve is unique in its highly visual and unique job simulation assessments backed by more-traditional assessment science.


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