LiquidCompass has built the largest and most accurate jobs marketplace for healthcare job openings anywhere, and we refresh it daily. Our mission is to perfect the way healthcare employers and job seekers find each other. We do this through a combination of marketplace and recruitment marketing technology, in combination with services to help job seekers and employers find exactly who they are looking for with ease. LiquidCompass was acquired by Prolucent Health in 2020. LiquidCompass was launched by a team of experienced healthcare and technology executives who set out to revolutionize the healthcare job search experience. At the same time, we have worked to provide healthcare employers with groundbreaking, real-time, and actionable marketplace intelligence for every position they recruit. Healthcare employers and jobseekers are distinctly different audiences with their own goals and appetite for information. We believe technology can bring value to both audiences to help them accomplish their goals more effectively.


This tool is most useful to hospital systems looking for competitive information and labor market trends. Liquid Compass is highly unique in the healthcare-specific data it provides. As an added bonus, advertising services can drive traffic.


Deep healthcare taxonomy helps separate different healthcare skillsets to get a deep look at the healthcare market. This unique data set is perfect for the healthcare provider network.


Labor Market Analysis


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