HiredScore brings deeply integrated big data and workforce intelligence technology to the Fortune 500. By leveraging the power of data, HiredScore enables Human Resource departments to instantly identify priority candidates among active and passive applicants. HiredScore’s proprietary technology integrates with major HR systems to provide real-time analysis and prioritization of applicants based on deep data insights and artificial intelligence from thousands of sources beyond the resume, including public data and enterprise data. HiredScore’s solution also provides in-depth recruitment process insights to help some of the largest enterprises progress with a data-driven Human Resources agenda.


Companies with big brands that get many applications to filter will find HiredScore useful to automate processes. Hiredscore can be used to drive significant automation in hourly processes or highlight the best candidates for more advanced roles.


HiredScore creates a unique AI matching set for each client, building in intelligence to produce automation. Hiredscore has some unique relationships, like with Paradox, to evaluate behavioral interview questions from chat conversations.


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