Eightfold (fka VolkScience) is the industry’s first Talent Intelligence Platform, built for enterprises, to address Talent Acquisition and Management in a holistic fashion. The platform is built with three pillars in mind: * First, we believe that people are every enterprise’s greatest asset, and we want to put them at the center. We aggregate all people data within an enterprise - from applicants to alumni - which is currently siloed across many different point solutions. This becomes the richest & most comprehensive Talent Network for each enterprise. * Second, we use data to provide intelligence on what people are capable of doing instead of just what they have done in the past. This allows enterprises to more effectively match people to the right opportunities. * Third, using AI, the platform continuously learns from enterprise and individual performance to predict future roles, performance, and career alternatives.


Enterprises looking to connect multiple data sets to get a streamlined view of their hiring activity will most benefit from Eightfold.ai.


Eightfold.ai features unique machine learning on HRIS data to feed into talent acquisition.


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Santa Clara, California

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United States, Europe