Appical is the easy-to-use platform to guide your employees throughout their entire employee journey: pre- & onboarding, reboarding, and offboarding. Our mission is to digitize and boost the employee experience through innovative technology, so your employees are successful in their everyday job! We empower you to create the best employee experiences by making it easy to build journeys, create and plan workflows, and improve connections between new hires and colleagues. Besides that, we, at Appical, provide you with the data and metrics you need to continuously improve your employee experience and productivity. Today, our employee onboarding and retention platform empowers HR departments all over the world to create tailor-made employee experiences. With over 9 years of expertise and with customers operating in over 119 different countries, our industry-leading platform success is driven by the attitude of our international and dedicated team. Our over 350 local and international customers, like Heineken, Deutsche Telekom, Hellofresh, MessageBird, HP, and Bosch benefit from a product that is aligned to our customers' branding and needs. We digitize and simplify the employee experience and empower employees, managers, and Human Resources to be successful in their work.


Appical is a premium onboarding experience with a focus on bringing company culture to life before day one. Companies with initiatives in onboarding will find Appical interesting.


Appical is strong in bringing culture to life in the onboarding process. From their Amsterdam base, they are well suited to handle the complexity that comes with pan-European clients.




Amsterdam, Noord-Holland




Regions Supported

United States, Europe, Asia