Cielo's Partnership with Health First Wins Healthcare Talent Program of the Year

CHICAGO – May 3, 2017 – Cielo, the world’s leading strategic Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) partner, is proud to announce that Jeff Jurinak, Client Services Manager, was honored for Healthcare Talent Management Program of the Year at the 2017 HRO Today Forum North America. Jeff was recognized for his work as Talent Acquisition Manager with Health First. The award highlights CHROs and talent management programs that address some of human resource’s biggest challenges, including innovation in organizational development, employee engagement, training and development, leveraging predictive analytics in healthcare workforce planning, modernizing labor budgets, understaffing, and enhancing patient care.

While working on-site at Health First as part of their RPO solution from Cielo, Jeff immersed himself completely in Health First’s culture, values and business strategy, even relocating from Wisconsin to Florida to carry out his work. In little over a year of partnership, Jeff was able to successfully flex and scale his team to meet unforeseen hiring demands as well as manage the transition of members on and off the team without loss of performance or productivity. With Jeff at the helm, the Health First team has delivered:

  • 74 percent reduction in external cost per hire as compared to forecasted estimates
  • 95 percent 90-day retention, an increase of 9 percentage points from the pre-implementation benchmark and 101% of the partnership goal
  • 26 percent reduction in vacancies – in December achieved the lowest open position posting rate since the partnership’s inception
  • 2,802 quality hires, which almost doubled forecasted projections (an additional 96 percent over estimates) as all previously unmet hiring needs were uncovered and fulfilled
  • 97 percent Hiring Manager Satisfaction, an increase of 28 percentage points from the pre-implementation benchmark of 69 percent and 121 percent of the partnership goal
  • 96 percent New Hire Satisfaction, an increase of 3 percentage points from 93 percent pre-implementation and 103 percent of the partnership goal
  • 11 percent increase in the number of external hires from outside Brevard County, fulfilling a goal of extending the reach and breadth of sourcing activities beyond Brevard County and Florida

For more details on the benefits of the Health First-Cielo partnership, read this article by Jill Schwieters, Cielo Healthcare President.

About Health First
Founded in 1995, Health First is Brevard County’s not-for-profit community healthcare system. The fully integrated delivery network (IDN) includes health insurance plans, hospitals, a multi-specialty medical group and outpatient and wellness services. As a locally owned, not-for-profit organization, Health First is committed to investing in our community. In 2016, Health First provided more than $158 million in community support. To learn more about health First and how we’re giving back to our community, please visit

About Cielo
Cielo is the world’s leading strategic Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) partner. Under its WE BECOME YOU™ philosophy, Cielo’s dedicated recruitment teams primarily serve clients in the financial and business services, consumer brands, technology and media, engineering, life sciences and healthcare industries. Cielo’s global presence includes 2,000 employees, serving 143 clients across 91 countries in 33 languages. The industry has verified Cielo’s reputation for executing innovative solutions that provide business impact through numerous awards and recognitions, including its annual top three leadership position on the HRO Today RPO Baker’s Dozen listing, PEAK Matrix Leader placement by Everest Group and Industry Leader designation by NelsonHall. Cielo knows talent is rising – and with it, an organization's opportunity to rise above. For more information, visit