If you are like most people, you remember your first day on the job.

You were probably excited. Maybe a bit nervous. Few people knew you, and trust had to be earned no matter where you had come from. Over time, those worrisome feelings faded and you became comfortable in your position. Others looked to you for answers. You became good, even great, at what you did.

Then your progress halted, you got bored and wanted to know what was next.

The Curse of the Short Ladder

Unfortunately, many organizations fail their employees by not offering opportunities for growth beyond this point. For some folks, the only way to “climb the professional ladder,” is to reach out and hop onto another. That is one reason working for a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) provider is so rewarding. Eliminating the gap between your current role and future opportunities is one the many benefits of a career with an RPO.

Eliminating the gap between your current role and future opportunities is one of the many benefits of a career with an RPO.

Some see recruitment as a pit stop on the way to a corner office in Human Resources. But that is an extremely narrow and shortsighted view an evolving profession. As the RPO industry continues to grow, so does the need for career recruitment professionals.

Gain Deep Industry Experience Without Losing Progress

Some RPO companies (including Cielo) offer dedicated recruitment teams to clients. This gives members of that team a depth of experience within the client organization that is identical to someone who is an actual employee of that company. It enables you to gain significant industry expertise without having to sacrifice your ability to make forward progress.

For recruiters seeking professional growth, there are many differences between working in house and working in an RPO environment. At an RPO, you can move from one client organization to another without losing your professional clout. You will not have to wonder whether you will ever be deep enough in an organization to be considered a true business partner.

In-house members of a talent acquisition team must look outside of their company for that sort of growth, and they will experience the Day One Dilemma all over again.

Chart Your Entire Recruitment Career

Transitioning between teams and roles at an RPO also helps clients, as they benefit from the accumulated knowledge shared by members who have served on multiple teams. That is one reason RPO team members lead their professions – they have seen what works and what does not and carry that knowledge with them.

More than most, those in recruitment are prone to self-analysis about their careers. After all, a good portion of their day is spent judging other people on their career paths and making decisions based on those choices. Working for an RPO lets you take ownership of your career from day one. You can find the path you want to take, chart a course, set sail and get there. And when you work for the right RPO provider, you will find many people along the way who are eager to help you climb toward success.