By Kirsten Mayer
Senior Vice President, Client Services 

If 2020 taught business leaders anything, it’s that things can very suddenly change beyond recognition. We cannot always predict what the future will look like for any business, but we can build agile, versatile teams that will respond to whatever demands the future may bring. 

Writing for HR Zone, Kirsten Mayer, Cielo’s Senior Vice President, Client Services discusses how today’s candidates will need to adapt to new demands throughout their career. As a result, Kirsten argues that during the recruitment process, more focus should be placed on candidates’ ability to learn new skills rather than solely considering existing ones.  

Candidates hired today will need to adapt to new demands so upskilling should be a key consideration for Talent Acquisition and HR leaders. Digitalisation and innovation have meant that the demand for digital projects has consistently outstripped the supply due to a significant digital skills gap (where 37% of labour force participants do not have basic digital skills). Enfranchising HR and hiring manager in key decision-making processes can help build a sustainable pipeline of talent that can adapt to rapidly changing workforce demands. An agile workforce strategy that can meet the demands of tomorrow will be key to helping business stay ahead of the curve 

You can read Kirsten’s full article here.