Who benefits when a recruiter helps a candidate with their CV?Although I am no longer working within operational recruitment, I love this industry and remain a part of it.

To this day, people ask me for help with their CVs, or whether I know anyone in a company they would love to work at. These are not slackers who must be avoided at all costs (though many are treated this way). They are skilled individuals who simply happen to have chosen a career other than professional CV writing.

So when a candidate asks for help, why not help them? After all, recruiters are well equipped to make sure a CV shines.

But you might be wondering what is in it for you.

A feeling of satisfaction, for starters! It may not result in monetary gain, but you will know that you are the reason someone had a positive experience. For many of you, that feeling is the reason you chose this career in the first place.

Happy feelings do not have to be your only motivation, however. You are helping to supply an organization with strong talent they may have otherwise overlooked.

While working within in-house recruitment, I helped a number of people with their CVs because they were right for the job. Their CVs were the only thing that needed an edge. It was my job to recognize their talent and ultimately fill the vacancy with the right candidate.

Remember, “The CV is the passport, the interview is the journey, the offer of a job is the destination.”

You can be the recruiter who helps ensure those passports are valid.


This post was contributed by Jane Love. You can connect with her on LinkedIn.