Hiring misfires can lead to a ripple of negative effects and damage morale, productivity and the bottom line. But while everybody agrees on the importance of quality, agreeing on the definition of quality isn't always as easy. To find and hire the right people who will make a lasting impact at your organization, consensus is critical. Recruiters, hiring managers and HR all need to align on what quality is, how to measure it and who’s accountable for it.

Cielo’s Anne Bucher and Tom Bolton teamed up in this webinar to discuss how you can build a shared commitment to hiring quality talent. Three things you'll take away from the replay are:

  • The stakeholders accountable for quality of hire and the roles each plays in hiring and retaining great talent
  • How to define quality of hire and what should and shouldn't determine "good"
  • Methods and tools for better measuring quality of hire – and what that means for assessing candidates

Hiring better employees ultimately depends on your ability to find better talent. With an understanding of how to define and measure quality, you can involve the right people in your organization to bring better candidates into your recruiting funnel.


With all the analytics available, it can be difficult to know which ones are best for your organization. In this webinar, strategist Kevin Wheeler shares his expertise of predictive analytics and how they can be used to improve quality of hire.

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The Quality of Hire Continuum is a map of the ways organizations measure their Quality of Hire. It scales from “Most” to “Rare,” in order of the amount of organizations using each measurement. Where does your organization fit?

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