Today’s dynamic talent markets, evolving ways of working and new technologies continue to challenge internal TA. Highly optimized and automated external functions, often operated by RPOs, offer more capabilities, expertise, and flexibility at a lower cost than what’s possible with in-house talent acquisition models.

Your 2021 planning should include thinking about how best to structure your talent acquisition delivery model to support your organization. Equipping yourself with the insights from leaders who have successfully built industry-leading TA models is a great place to start.

In this webinar, Kevin Wheeler, Founder of The Future of Talent Institute, describes the current challenges internal TA functions face and explore the value RPO partnerships can provide for increasingly complex business demands. Kevin is joined by a panel of HR executives to discuss and debate approaches to structuring internal TA, including how and when to use external providers to support your organization and increase your business impact.

Download this webinar to hear experts share varying perspectives and discuss:

  • The challenges for internal TA functions and why leading organizations are transforming to stay ahead
  • Ideas to enhance your career by elevating the value delivered by your TA team
  • Recommendations on how to build a hybrid talent acquisition model of in-house and RPO


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