The global talent landscape continues to evolve in response to COVID-19, and organisations need to pivot their strategies. From nationwide lockdown in India to the extension of ‘circuit breaker’ measures in Singapore and gradual opening of markets in China, employer brand communications need to align with the fast-changing needs of audiences now – but were you ready before this started?

In this webinar, Cielo experts discuss the importance of employer branding and experience marketing from the perspective of current world events. They are joined by James Williams, SEA Head of Talent Acquisition at Johnson & Johnson, and Nikhilesh Mathur, APAC Head of Talent Acquisition at RELX Group, who share their journeys and what they are considering next.

This webinar:

  • Considers how traditional employer branding mostly focuses on the basic processes of talent engagement
  • Demonstrates the need for agile organisations to implement new levels of engagement and change management for the rapidly digitising world of work
  • Showcases how organisations can differentiate through experience marketing for success now and moving forward

Being timely, topical and using the appropriate tone are keys to success in employer branding. Watch this webinar now to learn steps to strengthen and stabilize your employer brand during these uncertain times.



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