New factors are directly impacting talent strategies as businesses adapt to the changes brought on by the pandemic. In this webinar, global industry analyst Josh Bersin shares insights from his work with executives in planning their talent strategies for 2020 and beyond. He is joined by Sue Marks, CEO, Cielo, and Madeline Laurano, founder, Aptitude Research, who discuss how high-performing organizations have shifted their practices to position their talent acquisition teams for agility, sustainability and future success.

During this webinar, we:

  • Explore the major trends Bersin sees influencing the talent market and hiring climate
  • Hear key observations gleaned from talent leaders in Bersin’s Big Reset executive working groups
  • Learn the successful approaches TA leaders are taking to support recovery and future planning

Download now to hear the trends impacting your talent strategies now and what’s most important to act on to lead through the recovery.

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The latest round of town hall discussions with Cielo clients focused on preparations for recovery and how organizations are staying focused on the health and engagement of their people. The insights shared in these discussions can help HR and TA leader...

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