One of the principles we are most proud of here at Cielo is WE BECOME YOU™ – our total-immersion approach to serving our clients.

This philosophy guides each of our partnerships, directing us to essentially become each client’s talent acquisition function, embedding ourselves in their organizations – including using client email addresses – learning their industry, living their culture, and delivering to them the candidates they need.

Our Recruiters and Talent Acquisition Coordinators come to identify so strongly with their client teams that sometimes they feel more like employees of our clients than of Cielo! Identity crisis aside, it speaks to the level of communication and dedication in our work.

Beyond just providing a definition of WE BECOME YOU, we wanted to let you hear from some of the people who are living it every day.

Delivery Leader – Recruitment

What does WE BECOME YOU mean to you?

RJ: It is what sets Cielo apart among our competitors. I have a difficult time believing that another RPO provider would take the extra step to truly become ingrained in a company’s business, values and culture. Even after four years on my client account, I still have Hiring Managers and Business Unit Leaders who assume that I’m an Ingram Micro associate.

How do clients react to WE BECOME YOU?

RJ: Clients appreciate our commitment to doing what’s necessary to understand their business and culture and to carry that information into everything we do on a daily basis. It has a direct result on a more streamlined and flawless candidate experience, but, as a Recruiter, it also helps me identify candidates who will thrive in their environment.

What’s your story that best reflects how you practice WE BECOME YOU?

RJ: After four years on my current client team, we are viewed as true partners. In some situations with clients, it can feel like an “us vs. them” dynamic when analyzing talent acquisition support. But my current team has been able to establish a solid relationship through understanding our client’s needs and delivering on them. There is no line in the sand dividing us. We are truly seen as equals.

Recruitment Specialist

What does WE BECOME YOU mean to you?

LG: It means that we become one of the employees who work for our client. Being on the BMS team for a few years now, I do feel like I am a BMS employee. I have worked with the same group of people this whole time, and our communication with each other can be informal. It would be the equivalent of how I interact with my current Cielo colleagues. For instance, there is an Administrative Assistant at the Devens (Massachusetts) site whom I work with very closely. We have worked together for so long that I remember her phone number by heart. When she calls, I know it’s her just from the sound of her voice.

How do clients react to WE BECOME YOU?

LG: I think this is one of our best features for the client. We become immersed in their culture, we develop relationships with their employees, and we become invested in how well they do as a company.

From the first moment I speak with a candidate, they won’t ever hear me refer to myself other than as a BMS employee. From the relationships that I have developed with my BMS colleagues and my Cielo colleagues, I feel as though there isn’t a difference in those relationships. I value all of my colleagues and truly do enjoy working with them.

Do you ever feel more like you work for the client than Cielo?

LG: Sometimes it can be hard, because you become so wrapped up in the client’s culture that if/when the contract ends, it is a bit sad. It’s like the equivalent of quitting your job to go start with a new company. However, that is part of what RPO is all about. And the more invested we become, the better it is for our client and for Cielo in general. I have a lot of pride in where I work and what I do.