Recruiters in the Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) game have the ability to impact dozens of companies and many thousands of people every day.


This should not only resonate with recruiters and those considering a career in talent acquisition, but with leaders exploring potential RPO partnership. RPO provides recruiters the opportunity to achieve a vast depth of industry experience and career growth, while their always expanding expertise can transform the client’s HR function into a strategic business asset.

But what really makes RPO unique? What value does this profession add to RPO recruiters and others within the industry—and, in turn, what do clients most appreciate about a true, non-transactional partnership?

Well, we asked and they answered! The following features insight from some of Cielo’s most successful RPO P-R-Os, who are excelling in a variety of roles.

If you find a solid RPO provider, you are partnering with a group of people who truly love the process of hiring people, and professionals who are absolute experts (and nerds) on the topic. To me, that is the greatest differentiator in the RPO business. You have a designated team of individuals that are constantly trying to provide the best service and process. You wouldn’t get that with a bad partnership or with an internal process, as the internal team likely already has too much work on their plate.

I learned more in my first six months at Cielo than I learned in four years working at a hospital! I came to RPO and Cielo because of the “We Become You” promise. I wanted to have the same relationship with my client and hiring managers that I did at the hospital—which is also why I had no interest in a position at a staffing agency.

I came to RPO after recruiting for more than 10 years at large academic health systems. Now, I work with similar-sized healthcare organizations from the ‘other side of the fence.’ During a time when healthcare reimbursement is uncertain and challenging, RPO is perfect for healthcare because it takes a major fixed expense—labor—and makes it a variable expense for our clients, allowing them to make the very best use of their financial resources.

I have access to the best technology, resume databases and continuing education training available in the industry today. This means more options in how we deliver results for the client, and therefore, optimal results.

RPO can truly provide its clients with a full spectrum of services outside of the day-to-day recruitment efforts. We partner with our clients as true business partners and consultants. Cielo in particular is ahead of the curve when it comes to technology paired with recruitment … I think our ‘We Become You’ model is very unique in comparison to other RPOs and truly helps us understand the client, their industry, and who to recruit for. For Recruiters, it is much easier to sell a service or position when you are a part of the inner circle and not someone on the outside (i.e., staffing agencies).

I began my recruiting career, or cut my teeth, with a staffing agency … What I really wanted all along, however, was the ability to be a part of the team of the clients I was recruiting for. RPO has given me a chance to become part of the client’s team, consulting with HR business partners and hiring managers.
This is incredibly valuable for our clients, being that we are a dedicated recruitment team and only represent one client.

Our knowledge and ability to sell them is better than that of an agency, as we develop deep relationships with our stakeholders and are able to participate in more internal activities. We have an opportunity to educate them on the recruitment process, find them quality candidates that agencies cannot provide, and save them money where they would have previously used very expensive contingency firm.