Adam Godson, Cielo’s Chief Technology & Product Innovation Officer, is back with another video talking about the pros and cons of the most popular applicant screening technologies – chatbots, recordings and assessments – and how to create the best approach to using this tech:

  1. Media Richness: Recorded screens have a high degree of richness because you can see and hear a person.
  2. Candidate Experience: Assessments tend to be effective in identifying quality candidates, but they don’t always provide a great candidate experience.
  3. Time to Review: Chatbots often can’t screen to the degree that removes the need for a recruiter in the process.

To sum things up, Adam explains how to make sense of screening technologies to optimize your approach for both effectiveness and candidate experience.

A brief refresher on Adam’s background: Since joining Cielo in 2011, he has been part of a push to advance recruitment technology. Among his accomplishments are having developed and implemented the RPO industry’s first globally deployed Candidate Recruitment Marketing (CRM) platform and introducing such innovations as automated screening and assessment tools, robotic process automation support, virtual career fairs, and platforms for analytics and talent intelligence.