This discussion took place in June 2020.

This year’s challenges have reinforced the importance for businesses and HR teams to be agile and flexible. Proper responses to sudden changes successfully balance strategic business goals with the health, safety and confidence of employees. This has been especially important as organizations continue their planning for how best to bring their employees back to physical workspaces, or reconsider if that is even a requirement.  

In this on-demand session, Molly Thiel, CHRO, Cielo discusses the seven factors HR leaders need to consider when planning their organization’s return to the office. She shares how leaders can partner with the business to create an approach that ensures employees feel safe and trust that organizations are taking the best course of action for their people.


A little bit about Molly: As Executive Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer, Molly oversees talent acquisition, talent management, learning & development, and HR operations for Cielo globally. She joined Cielo in September 2018 and brought with her extensive experience in human resource and general business management. Prior to Cielo, Molly spent much of her career in the banking industry holding positions in operations, strategic planning, human resources and P&L management. Molly is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee and lives in Franklin, WI with her husband and two children. Connect with her on LinkedIn.



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