In his new video series, Cielo tech expert Adam Godson will draw on his vast knowledge and industry experience to address hot trends and relevant topics in recruitment technology. He starts things off in this first episode by discussing three subjects he’s hearing the most about right now from his discussions with talent acquisition leaders around the world. These include:

  • Automation & candidate experience: “Where are we putting people into the process? We know people are important, but how are we pushing forward that engagement or creating a social contract for candidates to convince them to join.”
  • Diversity & inclusion: “This is more a part of the conversation than it’s ever been, and it’s about time. ... For the first time, we’re understanding that recruiting technology can help."
  • Personalization: “The world is a noisy place. Recruiters are notorious for what we’ll call politely, ‘untargeted outreach.’ But to be effective, it’s clear we have to personalize processes.”

Adam shares how these areas are affecting the recruitment technology landscape and why it is vital for organizations to master them.

A little bit about Adam: Since joining Cielo in 2011, he has been blazing trails in recruitment technology. Among his accomplishments are having developed and implemented the RPO industry’s first globally deployed Candidate Recruitment Marketing (CRM) platform and introducing such innovations as automated screening and assessment tools, robotic process automation support, virtual career fairs, and platforms for analytics and talent intelligence.