U.S. Security Associates (USA) – one of the largest security companies in the United States – hires 50,000 employees a year at over 400 branches. The company supports several thousand clients by providing skilled, dependable security guards whom businesses rely on to reduce risk and keep their people, property and information safe.

Recruiting Challenge
Hourly workers have many employment options, most of which require less effort or experience than security guard roles. Facing this competition, USA struggled to attract enough qualified hourly candidates and fill positions quickly enough – causing increased overtime costs and affecting the company’s ability to add new customers. Knowing that hiring efficiency was key to delivering a better ROI and winning more business, USA began to search for a solution.

The Solution
USA needed a technology-centered approach that could attract candidates at the right speed, scale and quality. The company wanted to centralize its hiring process while also empowering local branch managers who know their business best.

USA chose Cielo’s High Volume Hiring solution to attract, screen, assess and schedule candidates for several reasons, including:

  • Technology-first approach
  • Dedicated support team
  • Competitive costs
  • Ability to scale
  • Consumer-grade user experience

The Results
USA experienced immediate positive results and, within a month, began making 400 offers per week. That was just the beginning. USA saw other impressive results, including:

  • Increased candidate volume by 4x
  • Increased candidate selection rate, from 50% to 78%
  • Increased offers, from 175 per week to 400 per week
  • Reduced time to fill by 50%
  • Expanded the RPO partnership to support hiring in 45 branches in addition to the original 6
  • Extended over 17,500 job offers in the first 12 months of partnership

USA implemented Cielo’s High Volume Hiring solution right before peak hiring season and went live in just four weeks.

Rather than spending countless hours on recruiting and screening, branch managers and staff now only need to manage the in-person interview – getting back valuable time to focus on running and improving their business. They can also be more selective, knowing they will have qualified candidates ready whenever they need them.

The success of this partnership shows that with the right technology and expertise, it is possible to achieve high quality and high quantity in hourly hiring – even in the most challenging industries.

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