Balancing the use of technology with a positive user experience continues to grow in importance in the talent acquisition industry. New technologies provide TA leaders with opportunities and potential beyond the capabilities of traditional tech and present challenges for the stakeholder experiences. An effective approach needs flexible solutions to provide superior experiences to stakeholders while capitalizing on the might of new tech.

We partnered with consulting and research firm Everest Group to help make sense of the current landscape of recruiting technology, how it relates to your talent acquisition approach and what you can do to leverage it effectively. “Unlocking the Digital Potential in Talent Acquisition” outlines why a digital approach makes sense and includes recommendations for doing it well to achieve sustainable recruiting success.

Download to learn:

  • Five main benefits of a digital approach to talent acquisition
  • Three keys to a good stakeholder experience for both candidate and hiring manager
  • Three tenets of a services-enabled technology solution for talent acquisition and how to create a seamless solution